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‘If you always do what you have always done, 

you will always get what you have always got.’

– Henry Ford –

"Thanks to many years of experience, we quickly gain the trust of foreign and domestic clients"

Dutch Contracting Services BV

Dutch Contracting Services BV is the technical specialist in turn-key projects; from construction and concrete construction to maintenance and renovation.

DCS BV relieves customers from A to Z using a transparent turn-key approach. Your technical project will be solved and carried out on time with quality, reliability, and efficiency. DCS BV is a widely deployable contractor. We are a professional, hard-working, and driving force for our customers. From new construction to renovation and installation or a combination of these, we can take this completely off your hands.

We always look at the efficiency for you as a customer and keep the lead time as short as possible so that you can focus on your core activities. Customization and the associated quality requirements are our keywords. Thanks to our experience with contracting, you can be convinced that your project, will be delivered reliably and according to the agreements made.

Safety and quality stand at Dutch Contracting Services B.V. first, and we are VCA-P and ISO-9001 certified. We are active in construction, petrochemicals, industry, tank, and shipbuilding, where the highest demands are placed on safety, quality, flexibility, delivery, reliability and service. In addition to professional competence certificates, our internationally experienced professionals have at least the VCA safety certificate and are obliged to follow legal rules on production sites.

We prove safety and quality with certificates VCA-P and ISO-9001.

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Happy Customers

For a long time, I have struggled to find a job in my profession with an adequate salary. Ever since I contacted DCS, my life has changed. Now, I am finally doing jobs for which I am qualified and in which I am a professional. For the work I have done, I received a reward. I no longer think about whether my employers will deceive me, whether I will get a salary, whether my pension and health insurance have been paid. I can finally say that I am satisfied.

Marinko Ilić

The project to build a large residential complex did not progress until we had contacted DCS. From sorting out paperwork to looking for contractors for various crafts. Since we signed a contract with DCS, the business has started without our engagement. Now we watch the buildings grow. DCS has workers of all professions, and they do their job professionally.

Joel Marshall