In our professional paint shop in Purmerend, we work only with the highest quality products, and we give your kitchens, furniture, window frames or radiators contemporary colors and looks. Thanks to many years of experience, numerous collaborations and quality products, we quickly gain the trust of foreign and domestic clients.


Through our own team of recruiters for employment in Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia we are specialized in recruiting technical and industrial staff for the Dutch market. We are responsible for finding candidates and matching them to temporary or permanent positions with client companies.


DCS BV is a multidisciplinary contractor who can take care of the outsourcing of all components to be assembled and manufactured. We work closely with our customers to achieve the optimal outsourcing process with a guarantee of quality and delivery time.

Production takes place in-house in partner production plants outside the EU, where production costs are lower than in the Netherlands. In these countries we have access to extensive production facilities and local material. These countries are also known for their expertise, quality, reliability and short production and delivery times. Thanks to many years of experience, we have the expertise to fully coordinate outsourcing; from the drawing to the final product.


DCS BV has in-house specialists who can carry out complete maintenance and repair of vertical steel storage tanks. This concerns storage tanks in petrochemicals and horticulture. Where necessary, this can be carried out with the help of hydraulic auger technology, which is carried out entirely in-house. With the necessary equipment, we can carry out all tank maintenance and tank construction turn-key projects under our own management for our customers. We have carried out repairs to floors, walls, roofs, foundations, and secondary facilities. The work takes place based on client’s instructions and the statutory technical standards and requirements set. You can share the care for your storage tanks with us, and we can also unburden you as much as possible in the field.


For over twenty five years the owners of Dutch Contracting Services have built an outstanding reputation in fabrication and installation for – Plant Piping Refineries, power generation, chemical plants and offshore structures.

We have built up expertise in the following disciplines:

  • Steel constructions such as walkways, stair towers, steel roofs and walls & awning constructions.
  • Shipbuilding both new and repairs.
  • HVAC & Refrigeration system components like ducting, chiller & condenser piping with the necessary support systems and corresponding inputs.
  • Piping systems for process, industrial, marine & offshore applications. Using all materials such as Special Alloys & Plastic Piping, Stainless Steel & misc. exotic piping materials.

We have established a solid foundation for a modern and versatile company, which recognizes its position in the present industrial, marine & offshore markets. With the necessary safety, quality control, material traceability & end documentation, we have satisfied high expectations of our clients.

We are specialized in the maintenance and renovation of seagoing equipment, especially seagoing pontoons. In accordance to the wishes of the Client, we are flexible to carry out our work on different locations in the Netherlands and Belgium according to the client’s specifications. We have carried out our projects at all times as a partner sub-contractor.

Companies for which we have carried out this work: Keppel Verolme, Damen, IHC, Energo Projects, Psicon Heerema Fabrication Group, Grootint, Mercon Steel Structures, HSM Steel Structures, Royal Schelde Group and many others.


As a multi-disciplined construction company, Dutch Contracting Services BV can be deployed for all kinds of construction projects. We not only have the right expertise from small projects to large projects, but we also supply skilled personnel for all occurring activities. Our team of professionals is qualified and has the necessary construction experience in all common disciplines. That makes us distinctive and unique.

We are active in all kinds of sectors, such as in the government, municipality and business sector to build and / or renovate schools (fresh school concept), office buildings and residential complexes. We also work for private investors and on behalf of private individuals.


Dutch Contracting Services BV guarantees the efficient deployment of its construction personnel and the efficient execution of projects. As an ISO 9001 and VCA-R certified construction company, you do not have to worry about technical guidance and project management. In addition, at any time it is possible to switch quickly and efficiently and to scale up or down staff if necessary.d out this work: Keppel Verolme, Damen, IHC, Energo Projects, Psicon Heerema Fabrication Group, Grootint, Mercon Steel Structures, HSM Steel Structures, Royal Schelde Group and many others.